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  Air duct cleaning Houston is your one stop shopping for most affordable & professional duct cleaning services in Houston TX. We offer effective air duct cleaning solution to homeowners and businesses in the greater Houston and surrounding areas ; that will help reducing indoor pollution, allergy and lower their utility bills... Our expert air duct technicians are insured and bonded and have years of experience working on wide variety of duct & steam cleaning services such as attic duct system replacement, air duct cleaning work, clean return air plenum, inspect and repair air duct leak, hand wash and sanitize registers & grills, duct restoration & insulation, eliminate duct mold. In addition we steam clean carpet, tile and grout, extract & clean water damage and clean upholstery at competitive price.

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Duct repair & Installation - Air duct sealing - Dryer vent cleaning - Water damage cleaning in Houston


Steam Carpet Cleaning.
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Having your carpets cleaned professionally is not just about appearance, but also good for your health.

We use a state of the art truck-mounted hot water extraction system which provides you with a deep down and thorough cleaning. Hot water extraction, also known as “steam cleaning”, is recommended by most carpet and fabric manufactures and in many cases is required in order to maintain your warrantee.

Organic Green Cleaning Solutions!
All of our carpets cleaning products are non-toxic, bio-degradable, pet safe and citrus based using our powerful truck-mounted cleaning system to remove stubborn dust, dirt, and even microscopic dust mites.
We also offer additional services including Scotchgard™ Carpet Protection, deodorizing allergen disinfecting solutions. Having the carpets in your home professionally cleaned contributes to a healthy living environment for you, your family and your guests.

We employ a team of highly trained, experienced carpet cleaners. Our professional carpet cleaners are experts in removing tough stains and odors. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Before you spend the money replacing your home's carpeting due to stains and odors, contact our Houston Carpet Cleaners to have them professionally restore the beauty of your home carpet. You will be amazed by our results as well as our service.


Steam carpet cleaning


Pet stains removal

Our Exclusive Steam Cleaning Services:

Rugs cleaning: oriental rugs - wool rugs - Persian rugs - synthetic rugs - decorative rugs
Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing: 
kitchen floor - entryway - hallway - bathrooms - living area
Upholstery Steam Cleaning:
couches - loveseat - chairs & sectional
Air Duct Cleaning & Repair:
home duct cleaning and sanitizing - replace old duct system - repair leaks
Dryer Vent Cleaning:
residential & commercial services - clean dryer vent & repair damaged dryer ducting
Water Damage Cleaning:
extract water from carpet/ and flooring - Sanitize & disinfect damaged area
Pet Stains & Odor Removal:
clean tough dog & cat urine stains and remove bad odor from carpet, area rug & upholstery
Carpet Steam Cleaning: Truck mounted powerful machines for deep steam cleaning

Carpet Re stretching - Wrinkled Carpet Repair
Like all flooring, carpeting is going to sustain some serious wear and tear. Especially in high traffic areas (family room, hallways, stairs) the pile will get a bit worn down or stains may occur, and if not addressed immediately, these wrinkles can spread in number and size, soon taking over an entire area of the house. Not only are these folds unsightly, they're also dangerous since they're a camouflaged tripping hazard to children, the elderly, and other guests.
We have over 18 years of experience and expertise to bring directly to you. So contact us for a free estimate and get your wrinkled, rippled carpet re-stretched and looking almost new again.

Truck mounts carpet cleaning Houston

Carpet repair & stretching
Carpet steamers


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