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  Air duct cleaning Houston is your one stop shopping for most affordable & professional duct cleaning services in Houston TX. We offer effective air duct cleaning solution to homeowners and businesses in the greater Houston and surrounding areas ; that will help reducing indoor pollution, allergy and lower their utility bills... Our expert air duct technicians are insured and bonded and have years of experience working on wide variety of duct & steam cleaning services such as attic duct system replacement, air duct cleaning work, clean return air plenum, inspect and repair air duct leak, hand wash and sanitize registers & grills, duct restoration & insulation, eliminate duct mold. In addition we steam clean carpet, tile and grout, extract & clean water damage and clean upholstery at competitive price.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning.
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Over time, your dryer vent fills with lint that sneaks by your dryer's filter. Fires can occur when lint builds up in the dryer or in the exhaust duct. Lint can block the flow of air, cause excessive heat build-up, and result in a fire in some dryers. Isolated incident? Not at all. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that over 15,000 dryer related fires occur each year causing an estimated 97 million dollars in property loss

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The most common cause of dryer fires is lint that builds up in the dryer vent. Lint is hugely combustible and can quickly burst into flames when there is not enough air circulation from the dryer vent to the outside of the building.

If your dryer smells hot or is taking longer to dry then it is time to have your vent inspected and cleaned. Dryer vents should be cleaned at least every year. Having the vent cleaned may save your life!

We use a combination of rotary brush, teamed with a high powered negative air vac. Our rotary brush system snakes the entire length of your vent at over 500 rpm. This process effectively removes all lint and debris. and then we treat for water calcium built-up with gentle but yet powerful non harsh chemical organic green detergent.



Dryer vent cleaning


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Symptoms of a clogged dryer vent include:
Slow drying of laundry.
Failure to dry laundry in one cycle.
Very hot clothes after drying.
The dryer shuts itself off during the cycle.
No lint on dryer filter.
Visible lint at the vent outlet

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