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  Air duct cleaning Houston is your one stop shopping for most affordable & professional duct cleaning services in Houston TX. We offer effective air duct cleaning solution to homeowners and businesses in the greater Houston and surrounding areas ; that will help reducing indoor pollution, allergy and lower their utility bills... Our expert air duct technicians are insured and bonded and have years of experience working on wide variety of duct & steam cleaning services such as attic duct system replacement, air duct cleaning work, clean return air plenum, inspect and repair air duct leak, hand wash and sanitize registers & grills, duct restoration & insulation, eliminate duct mold. In addition we steam clean carpet, tile and grout, extract & clean water damage and clean upholstery at competitive price.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning in Houston

Tile and grout floors can add beauty and elegance to your office or home, but if they get dirty, you may not be giving visitors the best impression you can.  Cleaning the grout in the tile flooring can take considerable time and energy - and it still may not come clean, if you don't have the right cleaning products to get the job done right.

Tile cleaning should be done once or twice a year depending on the traffic conditions in your home or business. To avoid your tile from getting any harsh staining you should complete basic cleaning 1-3 times per week. Am Air Duct Cleaning Houston tile cleaning technician will give you a free in home estimate and help you determine which path to take in order to get your tile floor back to its original state at the most affordable rate.

Why does your grout get dirty? Many times the reason is that your grout was not sealed when it was new.  Some installers will do this for you, but that is frequently left up to the property owner.  So if the grout never got sealed or if the sealer has worn away, dirt, mold and mildew can build up and shows much easier.  In high traffic areas, the floor grout may get dirt buildup from foot traffic, food or drinks being spilled or even leaks. 


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Cleaning your grout and making your tile floor shine!
Tile & Grout Cleaning Houston can make your stone or ceramic tile look almost new again by deep steam cleaning the grout to bring back that newly installed look!  We move toward each project with a professional eye and determine the best way to clean the grout and get your tile flooring to sparkle again

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